Terry Simanek Kohles –Guest Presenter Aug. 12

Terry is VP and Sr. HR Consultant with Integrity Staffing and Solutions.  She is a repeat presenter as what she has to say is always relevant to all seeking work. Integrity Staffing and Solutions  provides opportunities for temporary work, work for hire and recruitment.

Tuesday, August 5th–Discussion on Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding? Why is it important in your Job Search? On Tuesday, Jeff Quandt will help you answer these and  several other questions that all relate to Personal Branding and why it is important in Selling you as a solution to your next employer.


Don’t Gobbledygook your Elevator Speech

Jeff Beals interestingly enough talks about making your elevator pitch, more personal and less filled with meaningless verbiage. Like Scott Vohinkle mentioned in Tuesday’s meeting, you need to follow the format: I AM I DO I WANT I AM Keep the Gobbledygook out of it.   Read Jeff’s Post on:  So What Do You Do […]